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Biomechanics & Podiatry #01

Biomechanics & Injury Management
A number of injuries experienced, may originate from the way an individual’s feet work, whilst walking and running. Many people are aware that if the arch of their foot hurts, an “arch support” might be beneficial. However, abnormal foot mechanics can be observed to be the possible cause of a number of injuries affecting structures, other than within the feet.

- Plantar fasciitis
- Knee pain (ie Patello femoral pain syndrome)
- Achilles tendinopathy
- Iliotibial band syndrome
- Heel spurs
- Shin splints (ie tibialis posterior dysfunction)
- Morton's neuroma
- Ankle sprains
+ Many other injuries affecting the foot, lower limb, pelvis or spine.

For more information on injuries Podiatrists commonly treat, please visit the Paris orthoses webpage parispedorthic.com/Body.aspx.

Biomechanic assessment involves establishing a history of any injuries and activities, examination of the client (paying particular attention to the foot & lower limb), and video/treadmill analysis, of the client walking or running.

Orthoses are insoles constructed by the podiatrist, or by a laboratory from a cast of the feet and a specific prescription. These help subtly realign the feet and lower limb, when walking or running.

Why Pod for biomechanics and injury management?
By observing clients running and walking, foot function can be assessed when the foot is involved in the actual activity likely to be causing injury. The use of the treadmill and video enables this vital component of the assessment and can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of any treatment. The clinic not only treats people seeking assistance with sports related injuries, but also people experiencing pain or injury caused by other day to day activity. Through working in Brighton John Lewis has established an association with a number of professionals including physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, general practitioners and footwear retailers, all of whom deliver an exceptional standard of care and service.

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