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POD Podiatry & Chiropody in Brighton and Hove

A broad range of chiropody and podiatry services are provided from the clinic, by John Lewis BSc Hons MSCH, who is a Health Professions Council registered podiatrist / chiropodist. John graduated from The University of Brighton Podiatry course with a first class Honours Degree in 2002.

Fiona Gordon BSc (Hons) MSCH, is available for appointments at the clinic on Wednesdays. Fiona is also a graduate of the University of Brighton, from where she graduated with a First class honours degree in Podiatry.

THE CLINIC ON THE LEVEL, is situated on the north end of the beautifully redesigned Level, providing a modern well equipped Podiatry / Chiropody clinic, with good access by road and bus. On street parking is always available. Whilst the clinic specialises in biomechanics and the prescription of foot orthoses, general chiropody and nail surgery of the highest standard are also provided. Having completed the University of Brighton Podiatry degree course, John has developed his interest in injury rehabilitation through clinical experience, postgraduate study and his own participation in sport and exercise.

If you are experiencing conditions such as foot or leg pain / injury, ingrown nails, verrucas, corns and calluses then please feel free to call us, as our Podiatrist / Chiropodist, very well be able to help.

Please contact our Brighton clinic for a Podiatry / Chiropody appointment (The Clinic on the Level). Should you wish to discuss your Podiatry / Chiropody needs with a Podiatrist, we will be more than happy to discuss these with you.

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